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I take tough subjects and bring them to life with dynamic story telling.  A dash of humor and a dose of real life realities.  I can help bring into focus the blessings that can happen in a messy life. Help you ask where does God fit into it? Remembering that we are here to learn from each other and that love is our legacy.

Talks run 1 hr. Workshops 2 hrs to  4 hrs Please contact for schedules and fees.

Rev. Misty provides professional training for Hospice providers on how use a proven system with Rev. Misty’s Forgiveness Algorithm™ . Ultimately helping patients have a better quality of life at end of life. Please fill out request form.

Rev. Misty can help your company by fostering stronger, authentic bonds between coworkers with fun team building workshops. Please fill out request form.

I am available for help with grief support or work with forgiveness issues. one-on-one via Skype.   Please fill out contact form to schedule.  

Alternative contact - RevMisty@outlook.com








Forgiveness Solution

Everyone says, let it go, but no one tells you how.

Grief + Loss

The Grief Truck just showed up with a packages and packages of grief, now what?

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Free Will

What!? You mean I had a choice?

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Comparative Religion

God ordered take out

Death + Dying

This thing called Life

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What's Your Legacy?

It’s not just your DNA


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