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Can We Forgive A Person That Commits A Despicable Act?

With all that has been in the news about sexual assault allegations and misconduct in the workplace, we must reflect on how we might be able to forgive someone after they have committed a despicable act. Forgivness DOES NOT mean forgetting what happened, but here is my advice for how to approach the situation at hand.

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Why Taylor Swift Needs a Lesson in Forgiveness

With the release of her new album, “Reputation,” I couldn’t help but to notice some un-forgiveness lurking in the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s new songs, particularly “Look What you Made me Do.” Here are all the reasons why I think Taylor might need a crash course on acceptance, letting go and forgiving those who have wronged her!

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Life Is Like A Hiking Trail

While on a hike in beautiful Hawaii this last week, I had time to reflect and record my thoughts about the similarities between our life journey and hiking paths. Which path do you choose? The well-traveled or the one less traveled?

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