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All major religions and societies agree forgiveness is a good idea. But what they haven’t taught us is how to forgive. The Forgiveness Solution gives you the how in a proven step by step formula that brings relief from the hurt and puts you on the road to living the happy, healthy life that God has intended for you. Rev. Misty teaches you how to shift your perspective and adjust your expectations of people and situations, so you can move past the pain of un-forgiveness. Rev. Misty draws upon her intensely personal experiences of facing deep sadness, anger and grief with the power of forgiveness. She meets you where you are and helps you walk through your forgiveness journey.



About Rev. Misty

Rev. Misty Tyme is a forgiveness expert, author, speaker and creator of The Forgiveness Algorithm™.

Her mission is clear: to bring a forgiveness tool to a cynical world that is craving a way to let go of pain and anger. Armed with the motto that “forgiveness is the link between love and healing,” she believes when we practice forgiveness, we make room for the good life God has intended for each one of us.

With a gift for opening hearts through her humorous and touching stories, Rev. Misty is known for uplifting and enlightening audiences across the U.S. through her talks and workshops.

Rev. Misty was ordained in 2015 after spending two years in One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. Previously, she had a long successful career in corporate health care. Rev. Misty lives in Boise, Idaho, and San Diego, California and is a wife and mother of six children.

"The Forgiveness Solution" reviews

“For years, people have known that forgiveness is something they need, but few people know quite how to get there when something stands in the way. For the first time, Reverend Misty Tyme has defined this concept in concrete terms and given people a step-by-step approach to overcome their roadblocks and find peace in their hearts. Whether you struggle at home or even in the workplace, these tools can help anyone hasten the path to a happier heart.”
— Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, Best Selling Author, All Dogs go to Kevin
Forgiveness is one of the most heartbreaking challenges any person can face. Reverend Misty has taken a nearly unsolvable issue impacting millions of lives and not only created a solution but a miracle-generating algorithm. Reverend Misty tells stories that open your heart and heal even the deepest wounds. Her book is packed with stories, tips, tools and a step-by-step process for bridging the gap between lives being ruined to lives being fully and truly lived. Thank you Reverend Misty for following your true calling and giving birth to this work of genius. The ripple of hope, healing and love you are sending out is vast and eternal.
— Cyndie Silbert, Founder of Feminine Mastery and Author of True Calling, Awaken the Power of your True Self